Located in Biasca, Switzerland, HAS Healthcare Advanced Synthesis has state-of-the-art chemical manufacturing facilities and services.

Holding a MP certificate since 1984, production has been completely dedicated to products serving the Pharmaceutical industry. We offer a full range of high-quality, exclusive, personalized solutions to our clients, as outlined below.

Safety is at the center of everything we do, from protecting our employees, the environment, and the integrity of your product. Our manufacturing site operates in accordance with the Environmental Management System. Since early 2000, the plants have been ISO 14001 certified, as part of our ongoing commitment towards international environmental protection. We were also one of the first Swiss chemical manufacturing sites receiving the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) 18001 (now ISO 45001) certification in 2005.  

HAS Healthcare Advanced Synthesis has state-of-the-art facilities to produce cGMP Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Highly Potent APIs (HPAPIs) and Anticancer compounds from clinical to commercial use. Our wide range of reactors enable us to deliver a flexible batch size from grams to tens of tons, depending on your product needs. The HPAPI production suites are able to meet an OEL of 1 ug/m³ producing grams to hundreds of kgs per batch. The Anticancer facility has dedicated production suites with modern glovebox technology able to meet an OEL of 50 ng/m³ producing kgs up to 50 kg per batch.