HAS Healthcare Advanced Synthesis is strongly committed to Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) which positively impacts employees, society and the planet.

Sustainability lies at the core of our values, as we prioritize the accountable use of assets and aim to limit and improve our environmental impact on the local community, as outlined in our first HAS Healthcare Advanced Synthesis Sustainability Report.

In addition, our Code of Conduct and Ethics is an essential guide for our employees, that supports our daily individual activities and embodies our behaviors at all time, making sure that transparency, integrity, and respect are at the forefront in all our interactions.

Furthermore, HAS Healthcare Advanced Synthesis firmly believes in ethical practices and expects its third parties with which it works to endorse the same principles and commitments. In this respect, we have implemented a sturdy Third Party Code of Conduct and Ethics, fostering robust partnerships constructed on shared values.

We hold various industrial certifications which acknowledge our adherence to industry-leading sustainability and moral standards and confirm our pledge to Environmental, Social  & Governance.

By embracing sustainability, upholding ethical conduct, and earning certifications, we are actively shaping HAS Healthcare Advanced Synthesis into a more sustainable workplace and striving for a better world for future generations.

We are committed to investing in the Ticino region, delivering sustainable development, generating employment for the future, and to working with partners that adhere to our sustainable values. We are proud to take our commitments seriously and will continue to do so.